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Nova-Gaming 23 is a small ArmA community.
We are specialized in CTI , Warfare & Tactical Gameplay.
We maintain multiple Arma servers. Primarily we play Warfare on our servers.
 We develop the Rubber-warfare to improve our/the game experience.
We also support the development of Arma 3 League (Ultima-Ratio).

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Willkommen bei Nova-Gaming23




Ihr spielt gerne Arma ?

Ihr wollt nicht immer alleine spielen?

Habt ihr Lust auf Teamplay und nette Gesellschaft?

Das wollen wir auch ....



NG23 Server Rules

No Hacking, No Temkilling, No Friendly fire (Units & Vehicles).
No Discrimination, No Flaming, No Bullying, No using foul language.
Breaking rules result in punishments:  Kick, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban.


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